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Local excursions

We asked Aline, creative consultant and nature lover, what kind of tour she would suggest for a friend coming to spend the weekend.

“Our adventure would begin in an unusual corner of Carillon in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil, where there is an impressive abstract monument made up of 18 big monoliths.

Next, we would go to Boisé Von Allmen, in the same village. We would cross the suspension footbridge over the Rivière du Nord .

For a complete change of scenery, we would then head to the Tam Bao Son Buddhist Monastery in the Great Pine Forest in Harrington.

At the end of the day, we would go see the sunset at the old Grenville Canal by the Ottawa River , with a wonderful view of the mountains in the background.”

We asked Stéphanie, a young mother who has been living here since 2017, what outdoor activities she enjoys in each season.

“The best places to admire the fall colours are along Shrewsbury Road in Gore, in the Harrington Valley, and canoeing on the Rivière du Nord .

In winter, I love to go cross-country skiing in Boisé Von Allmen and ice fishing in Carillon Bay.

In spring, you can watch the migration of ducks and geese at the Lachute rest stop or in Carillon Bay (can you tell that I like Carillon Bay?).

My favourite summer activities are hiking the trails in Gore, biking on the VéloRoute d’Argenteuil, relaxing on the beach, and kayaking at Camping des Chutes de la Rouge in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge.”

We asked Gabriel, originally from Mexico and a resident of Argenteuil for about 10 years, about his must-see places.

“For me, there’s nothing better than enjoying a walk along the semi-wilderness trails along the Rivière Rouge and taking in the majesty of its rapids and waterfalls. Between watching people defying the fast-flowing waters of the river and the artwork set up on the first part of the trail, there’s a lot to see!

The historic Grenville Canal is another one of my favourite spots. It’s peaceful, charming and picturesque, a great place to go for a stroll, down to the lighthouse or through Grenville Island Park to the Long-Sault Bridge.

Finally, for a journey of the imagination to another part of the world, I recommend a visit to the Buddhist monastery in Harrington to see its unique sculptures.”

We asked Caroline, a doctor specializing in family medicine, about her reasons for choosing Argenteuil.

“I live in Gore where I have a beautiful wooded property. I spend must of my time at home enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. I feel fulfilled. I go running in my neighbourhood, I snowshoe on my property, I swim in the lake 500 metres away.”

My favorites:

  • Bistro Aux lubies, in Lachute, for a comforting and complete homemade meal, in a warm place with welcoming people.
  • The Rivière Rouge, in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, for whitewater kayaking. A beautiful place.
  • La boulangerie Dauphin, in Lachute. Simply the best products I have ever tasted. A weekly staple.

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