Nature lovers will be delighted by the beauty of the landscapes!

A welcoming population, an area rich in fauna, flora and countless lakes, the proximity of the Laurentian Mountains: this is what awaits you in this small municipality with much to offer.

There is nothing monotonous about the scenery here!

Inspiring fact

Tamaracouta Road, which offers some of the best scenery in the region, is named for the numerous Tamarack trees growing there and the word “couta”, which means “body of water” in an Algonquian language.

To preserve and promote its built heritage, the Municipality has set up a local heritage committee. Fascinated by history and old houses? You’ll meet other like-minded people here!

Local highlights

  • Take a drive along Tamaracouta, Black, Hammond and Mille-Isles roads to discover the built heritage of the municipality. The various points of interest make for fascinating landscapes!

  • L’Autre Versant and Fiddler Lake Resort offer lodging and hiking or snowshoeing in a magnificent natural setting featuring waterfalls and panoramic views.

  • The Mille-Isles Festival and Environment Day is an annual event where you can meet the neighbours and local farmers and learn about the services offered by various local organizations.

  • The Mille-Isles walking club will help you discover the trails in the area.

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