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Looking for an ancestral home with a story to tell? A village life that is far from mundane? You won’t be able to resist the picturesque charm of this small municipality, with its landscapes shaped by farming and marked by its rich architectural heritage.

What are you doing Sunday? A trip to the museum, a bike ride, a visit to the local farmer, a picnic by the river? It’s so hard to decide!

Did you know?

Several important people grew up here!

John Abbott, the first Canadian-born prime minister of Canada, was from Saint-André-d’Argenteuil.

Maude Abbott, born in 1868 in Saint-André d’Argenteuil, became one of Canada’s first women doctors and co-founded the Argenteuil Regional Museum.

Local highlights

  • Station 210, housed in a former fire station, calls itself a ‘general store for modern life’, offering a unique array of local, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and generally beautiful, products.

  • Pub Sir John Abbott, a locavore restaurant which sources all the ingredients for its menus within a 50 km radius.

  • Argenteuil Regional Museum, to learn all about the region’s history!

  • The VéloRoute d’Argenteuil, whose bike paths offer several picnic areas along the Ottawa River where you can enjoy magnificent panoramic views.

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