Our cinematographic landscapes are just outside your door!

Harrington’s diverse landscapes and magical locations offer unprecedented calm and breathtaking scenery. The area is well known to the cinema and television industry, and many films, major series and popular TV shows have been filmed here.

For total peace and quiet, this is your place!


Did you know?

The Scottish pioneers who arrived here in the 1830s found landscapes that reminded them of the rolling hills of Scotland. The land they cleared now serves as the setting for period films such as Savage State and Ésimésac.

Around 1849, a group of settlers from Glenelg, Scotland, founded Lost River, a small village on the hillside by the Lost River (Rivière Perdue in French). The river was so named because, a few miles from its source, it disappears under a limestone rock between Gate Lake and Fraser Lake.



Local highlights

  • More than twenty Buddhist monks and nuns have received their monastic training in Harrington! The Tam Bao Son Buddhist monastery has an enchanting 337-hectare property featuring several gardens and magnificent Buddhist statues. Visit the website before going, as there are certain rules that visitors to the site must follow.

  • The Lost River Market, a gourmet grocery store in the old village general store offering the best local and regional delicacies.

  • Sunday brunch concerts at the Cammac Music Centre, located on the shores of Lake Macdonald since 1968. Cammac offers a summer music camp for amateur musicians of all ages, with participants from around the world.

  • For cyclists who want to get off the beaten path, the Big Red Gravel Run offers a route along the banks of the Rivière Rouge with unique views.

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